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Developing a multi-device experience and it's growth strategy.

Crewmeister (ongoing)





Developing a multi-device experience and it's growth strategy.

Crewmeister is an online platform that offers time-tracking services for small-scale businesses in Germany.

Over the course of our by now 2 year cooperation, I designed a comprehensive and consistent user experience across mobile, tablet and computer devices that is easily understood even by tech nescient (for lack of a better word)  and yet provides a rich functionality. 


2016, Digital services

Client: Crewmeister

Strategy and development consultation, Bridge between Marketing and Developers, UX and Ix Design (Lead), Visual Design (Lead), Concept development, wireframing, etc.


Consulting and Designing

Future UX Roadmap

At the beginning of our collaboration, I planned out possible technology and service developments for the client to illustrate the growth of the platform from a single service (time tracking) to an intricate system of team management tools


Even though I joined the team after the target audience was already defined, it was important to find out who the user is as well as their needs and behaviors. Together with the marketing team, which knew the user the best, I mapped different opportunities and created single use-flows for single users. 

Interaction Design

Eventually, I synthesized all factors and requirements into one single UI system that could easily adapt to certain rights (administrators vs normal users) or functions (such as time tracking or vacation planning) through visual design as well as layout.


Collaborating with developers

Working that closely with developers isn't only fun and educational. It has taught me valuable lessons from how to do the hand-off best to what it is required when designing for the most diverse range of platforms to how to communicate the importance of a barely-white-but-eggshell background colour.

Together, we established a very agile process by facilitating very quick design implementation, iteration and translation. This helped us to improve efficiency immensely already in the design stage and thus limit time and cost of production processes.


A uniform Multi-Device service experience

The target group, small entrepreneurs like painters, carpenters, plumbers, weren't very accustomed to digital technology and required extra sensitive design decisions. Collaboratively with the client team, I designed a modern interface that could be easily operated even by those who don't interact with digital technology very often.

To pick up each and every user in that target group, we created an easy-to-use yet comprehensive service that creates one experience across several touchpoints: web, tablet, mobile (Android/iOS).