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Circumpassing the cloud to create safe offline storage.

Meem (2014)





Circumpassing the cloud to create safe offline storage.

Meem, an Indian startup from New Delhi asked Experientia to create the user experience for a product idea they had: a phone charging cable with internal storage capacity to create an offline backup and storage function.

Across all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) we developed an innovative solution that facilitated an easy setup and background syncing/backing up. Before launch of the product, the design was visually edited.


2013, Product as a Service

Client: Meem

Ideation, Concept development, Wireframing, Ix Design, UX Design, Visual Design development


The Multiverse of UI Design

Smartphones and feature phones

The goal of Meem was to create a backup & sync solution with a unified experience not only across all common smartphone OSs (of that time, so iOS, Android, Windows) but also to provide the same service for non-smartphone devices, such as feature phones.

After deciding on one out of three initial concepts, we started developing the interaction flow and designing the interfaces. All in all, we created a plethora of screens, as the client wanted to have every screen in every OS version.

Collaboration across half the planet

Seeing as our client was located in India, we had several workshops, both in India and in Italy where our studio was located in order to align project expectations and next steps. Additionally, we were able to utilize video conferencing to keep the client in the loop of updated designs. The remote collaboration was thus an interesting and easy experience and not an obstacle at all.


Title 2

The outcome was a nice and innovative interface design that combined both, detailed control and intuitive interaction in one screen.