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Enabling remote professional collaboration from everywhere.

Konica Minolta (2017)





Enabling remote professional collaboration from everywhere.

Designworks partnered with Konica Minolta on a project series, researching the future of workspaces. One of the concepts resulting from this project is SPOKE, a smart tool for remote collaboration, uniting the features of a server key, camera, bluetooth speaker and projector. I worked on creating a UX pattern and interaction design for the device as well as developing the use cases. 


2017, Consumer Electronics

Client: Konica Minolta

Desk Research, Ideation, Interaction concept development, prototyping


Client Co-creation

Client Co-creation workshop

Even though the physical design was almost fully conceived when I joined the project I was able to root interaction patterns deeply into the device. in a 3 day workshop with the client, I designed use cases and interactions for the device.

Operating modes

In our design, the device would automatically and intuitively adjust to different workmodes by being positioned on a specific surface. One mode would cater for the needs of working during commute, while another one would enable interactive presentations different position. 

Adaptive physical buttons

Utilizing automatic mode switching, I could minimize input surfaces on the device (i.e. buttons), which was greatly appreciated by the industrial designers on the team. Together we found the perfect button that could be adaptive enough (e.g. muted vs. unmuted microphone) to allow operation of all features while promoting mode-sensitive important features.


Early prototype

Supporting flexible work

The future of workspaces

The way we work, act, sleep or commute is changing drastically. Traditional spaces aren't there anymore but are merging and the borders between where we do something are dissolving. The technology we use has to support that. Not the other way around. That's why we designed a device that supports a flexible and fluid lifestyle. 

Flexible lifestyle, flexible tools

SPOKE, a smart tool for remote collaboration, can adapt to the most common work- and home related situations and easily cater to every contextual need. It facilitates teamwork and communication, allows for secure cloud storage and enables users to work from anywhere at any time.