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Future Banking


Redesigning online banking. For everyone.

UniCredit partnered with us (Experientia) to create a plan for a consistent mobile banking offering in the short, medium and long-term future.

Based on user research, we developed a roadmap for the next 5 years of the client's business strategy. Additionally, we also designed concepts for mobile touchpoint solutions that matched the first phase of roadmap.


2014, Finance

Client: UniCredit

Ideation, Research Synthesis, Visual Design development, Concept development, wireframing, Ix Design, UX Design



Research, Personas and Strategy Design

Based on our research from a previous project, we developed user stories, scenarios and mapped different user behaviors to creating a universal, yet curated experience. We also created a UX roadmap which mapped out meaningful features of future services of UniCredit.

Iterative testing and developing

To address the needs of customers as well as follow up on the proposed strategy and FinTech trends, we demonstrated a possible future by designing a new banking app. This process was accompanied by rapid testing and iterating of the design as well as heavily relying on prototypes.

Mobile Interaction Design

The final design proved very versatile due to the app's dashboard, presenting the user with contextually relevant and personally tailored interactive information. From the very first page onwards, the user could get an overview or also manage their finances within a few steps.


Multiple ways to bank

Through our research, we realized that there are many different principally behaviors when it comes to banking. This presented a very interesting challenge as we wanted to create one app for all. 

However, with a behavior- and financial-situation-adaptive interface, the app we designed was versatile enough to cater to all needs and behaviors.