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Designed to save lives.

Mammut (2015)





Designed to save lives.

I supported the exceptional team of FLUID in their opportunity to design the next smart generation of Mammut's avalanche devices.

Together, we designed an all-temperatures-withstanding transceiver that is easy enough to use in emergency situations where every second counts and comprehensive enough to care for the lives affected.

All pictures on this page are courtesy of FLUID, the video is courtesy of Mammut.


2015, Emergency Response

Client: Mammut

Tasks completed in this project:

UX Design, IX Design, prototyping, User testing


When nature becomes a matter of life and death

When searching people trapped in avalanches, time becomes the crucial parameter. How can people trapped under white layers of freshly fallen snow be found the easiest, quickest and safest way?

While the talented product designers from FLUID did a fantastic job of answering that question from an industrial design point of view, I worked on the digital interface.

Considering the technical limitations and requirements resulting from extreme use cases (e.g. avalanche emergency response at terribly low temperatures), we created a digital solution for "old-school" (black on green, anyone remember Nokia?) LCD screen that could be operated with only one switch and one button.

"With its extreme easy-to-use handling and powerful search functions, the BarryvoxS dramatically simplifies the beacon search, helping to save lives."


Image courtesy of  FLUID

Image courtesy of FLUID


Through intensive user testing, we iteratively designed a UI which makes it dramatically easier to keep track at a glance (in particular under stress) while the intuitive navigation reliably assists the search and helps to avoid detours.

"The new BarryvoxS avalanche beacon, available Fall 2017, utilizes dynamic screen icons such as the rescuer running down the avalanche path shown here during the signal-search, in order to visually cue a rescuer throughout the search. Extensive usability testing during development allowed us to find the most intuitive-to-follow icons, as well as help to alleviate some common searching errors."


Video courtesy of Mammut


Stating the Art of Technology

The challenge

Developing, together with international avalanche specialists and scientists, the next-generation smart avalanche transceivers (beacons) for world-leading outdoor specialist Mammut.

The result

When saving people trapped in avalanches, time becomes a matter of life and death. A new powerful search mechanism, unprecedented big display and simplified visual interface boosts up the BarryvoxS’ usability and performance and maximizes the effectiveness of a beacon search.

Image courtesy of  FLUID

Image courtesy of FLUID