Everyone designs who devises courses of action
aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones.
— Herbert Simon

What I do:

UX & Ix Design

When I design something, I always try to focus on the core of the matter. Which information needs to reach the user at what point of time and how is that done best? Good interactions lead to a good UX (amongst other things) and the other way around. Ultimately, they determine how positive the "huh!" sounds when trying out that one new feature.

Service Design

For me, design is in everything. It's not only how we buy a ticket for the train home but how, why and when we get home in general. My work shows how much I care for the people I design for because it's not only addressing their needs and behaviors but understanding the contextual and systemic environment they find themselves in.


I graduated MA in Designfutures and Metadesign in 2016 at Goldsmiths, UoL, which brought me on a journey to understand how systems interconnect. Designing design is more than just about creating something pretty. Instead I have come to understand design in its political, social, technological, environmental nature.