Medolor is a bracelet that intelligently monitors the wearer's medical status to preemptively detect anomalies and other discrepancies.

It is designed to cooperate with other healthcare services to improve emergency response times or simply better inform a regular checkup.


This was a university project from 2010.

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State-of-The-art Technology

Feature-loaden bracelet

The bracelet doesn't have to by inversive in order to measure the wearer's health. Using features such as luminescence blood analysis, pheromone detection or skin emission analysis, it detects diseases or related issues before they pose a problem.



The device stores medical history and thereby creates a profile of the user. This feature can also improve and catalyze a healthier lifestyle.

Integration into medicare

Gathered information can be shared with authorized healthcare professional to speed up processes. Additionally, the bracelet can send beacons to rescue services in case of emergencies.


Ahead of its time

Medolor was a project when I was still doing my Bachelor. Now seen as almost mundane, I still think it was something very beautiful, as by the time of it's making, wearables weren't a thing yet.
For us, it was just the logical continuation of the trend towards interfaceless devices, contactless operations and centralized device interactions. Trends that are - unlike the novelty of the bracelet - still very up-to-date.