Crewmeister is an online platform that offers time-tracking services for small-scale businesses in Germany.

Over the course of a long-term cooperation, we co-designed a user experience across mobile, tablet and computer devices that is easily understood even by tech nescient (for lack of a better word)  and yet provides a rich functionality. 

Strategy & UX Consultant
Bridge between Marketing and Devteam
UX and Ix Design (Lead)
Visual Design (Lead)


Consulting and Designing

Future UX Roadmap

To start out the collaboration, we co-created a UX roadmap that mapped out technology and service developments to illustrate the growth of the platform over time from a single service (time-tracking) to a system of team management tools.


Even though I joined the team after the target audience was already defined, it was important to find out who the user is as well as their needs and behaviors. We thereby mapped different opportunities and created single use-flows for single users.

Ix Design

Eventually, we combined all factors and requirements into one single interface that could easily adapt to certain rights (administrators vs normal users) or functions (such as timetracking or vacation planning) through visual design as well as IA.


Working with a startup

Throughout a great and fun collaborative year we designed a modern interface that could be easily operated even by those who usually don't interact with web technology.

The small size of the team allowed for really close collaboration so when I joined the project I had the opportunity to get to know "my users" via the (one-man) marketing team which allowed great and very qualitative insights. Simultaneously, I collaborated very closely with the developers to design a uniform yet user-friendly experience exceeding the boundaries of a single devices to create one experience with many touchpoints.