About me

I am a freelance UX and Service Designer with a background in digital Interaction. Over the last 6 years, I have worked for clients such as BMW, Intel, Samsung, Sony and UniCredit, ING Diba, Haier or Konica Minolta sometimes as freelancer, sometimes as member of a studio. Apart from designing things and philosophizing about design and its role, I like to travel, cook, cycle and take photographs. I strive to discover new things and experience the world in all its facets.

In my philosophy, design is about creating impact. As such, I combine user needs, aesthetics, innovative technology and long term sustainability to create human solutions for contextual problems while always focusing on the people they afflict.


Strategic and Service Design, User Experience Design, Interaction Design, High  and lo-fi prototyping (Axure, Figma, Proto.io, Principle), Desk and ethnographic field research, User testing, PD workshops, etc.


Healthcare, FinTech, Mobility, Consumer Electronics, Digital Services


 Intel, Samsung, Sony, UniCredit, IngDiba, BMW, Shell, Adobe, Fabrica/Benetton, Konica Minolta, Haier, Mammut, Crewmeister, etc.